The Countdown is On!

Hello my friends! Just want to let you know, if you don’t know already, that my Indiegogo Campaign, Picturing Merrigold, will launch in less than ten days! Indiegogo is a sponsorship platform that I’m using to raise the funds to pay for Kyla Wiebe’s awesome illustrations of my new children’s book, Merrigold’s Very Best Home. This is my first children’s book and it’s been a joy but illustrations are expensive so I value your support!

I hope the “perks” (aka free stuff) will delight you and the little ones in your life. The activity pack includes colouring pages, a pattern for making paper finger puppets and stickers. Other perks include pressed marigold bookmarks, and a very special small book with all the pix I’ve taken of Wee Merrigold along the way. If you haven’t seen pictures of our tiny mascot, just check out my Instagram page

Then head on over to the Pre-launch page and register to receive a notification when the campaign goes live on September 1st.

Please share the links above and encourage your friends/family/contacts to join in on the fun!

I SO appreciate your support! Blessings upon you!


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