Coming Soon! Merrigold’s Very Best Home

Illustrated by Kyla Wiebe

A story about being grateful for the things and people around you.

Merrigold chats with a piglet. She doesn’t like his home very much – it’s much too muddy!

Merrigold thinks God has put her in the wrong house because her parents make her take naps and eat vegetables she doesn’t like. So she marches off to find a new home. She visits a puppy, a pony, a chick, a fox, a raven and finally a piglet. She gets very dirty along the way and doesn’t like any of their houses. In the end she goes back home where her parents welcome her, give her a bath and a wonderful supper, and Merrigold discovers all the things and people she loves are right there after all. She thanks God for putting her in the very best home in all the world.

My IndieGoGo fundraising campaign is now in the home stretch! Only 5 days left to make a difference! Join the team and help us “Picture Merrigold!” All funds received will go toward funding the cost of the illustrations and production of the book.

Click this link to go to the campaign page. Spoiler alert: there are perks, aka free stuff! Contribute before October 1st and be entered to win a copy of Wee Merrigold’s Wee Wanderings – a scrapbook of pix of the wee Amigurumi in all the places she has gone since the campaign began. Pix like this:

Merrigold with Walter the piglet

Release date for the book is in mid-October.

Email for more information.


Other Books by Marcia:

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For Christmas:

Front coverLove in the Room

The symbols and images of Christmas can slip by us because they are so familiar. In Love In The Room, award winning author, Marcia Lee Laycock, brings those images into focus once again as she explores the true meaning of the season. These short devotionals will stir readers to ponder the Christ child with depth and clarity. Click on title to order from Amazon or email


This is a collection of 4 short stories centred on the theme of Christmas. Two of the stories, which take place in the Yukon, have won awards from The Word Guild and InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship. A third story takes place in a homeless shelter – one reader said it was destined to become a Christmas Classic in her home. The fourth story plays out on a space station far away from Earth and rings with the power of miracles. Click on title to order from Amazon or email vinemarc@marcialaycock

Christmas, Stories and More

Short stories, Devotionals, Memoir, Poetry – there is something for everyone in this anthology of writing by members of InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship. The perfect gift for those readers on your list. Available for $18. including postage, by emailing


One Smooth Stone

Christian novel, Christian suspense, adventure novel  Winner of the Best New Canadian Christian Author Award sponsored by Castle Quay Books and The Word Guild

Alex Donnelly has run to Canada’s far north to try and escape the pain of his past and the police who are searching for him. When he is told there is an inheritance waiting for him in Seattle he is skeptical but the lure of finding answers to questions he has asked all his life proves to be too much and he risks capture to find the truth. He does not expect to find an attractive young woman who also takes a big risk to help him. Will the truth give Alex peace, or will it drive him deeper into his reclusive lifestyle? And will Kenni stay committed to helping him or will she let him go?

~ To order email Marcia at

~ Ebook and Paperback available from Amazon

~ Audiobook available from Audible, Amazon or Itunes

~ View the trailer

A Tumbled Stone

~Alex’s journey continues in this sequel to One Smooth Stone as he goes in search of the sister he didn’t know he had. Andrea is unaware of Alex and makes a decision to leave the only home she has ever known.  She is on the verge of making another decision that could have serious consequences. Will Alex find her in time?

~ To order email Marcia at ~ Ebook and Paperback available from Amazon


Higher Ways – Fantasy Series for Middle-grade readers (written under the pen name, M.C. Spencer)

When ordered directly from the author- ( – get all three books for only $40.00!

All books also available on Amazon – Just click on Titles

Journey to a Strong Tower

In Journey to a Strong Tower Prince Eghan Lhin is at first terrified when he is abducted from his father’s castle on the night of his sixteenth birthday. Though brought to a place that seems safe, he is torn between what his mind tells him and what his heart feels. Should he trust the man who says he is his uncle? Should he forgive his enemies and befriend the girl who lives there? Or should he run for his life and try to warn his father about the war that is about to begin?

Journey through Fire and Smoke

When Prince Eghan returns to his father’s castle he is met with rejoicing. But before long Eghan meets an old man who reveals a long-forgotten prophesy that threatens to put all around him in danger. When a beautiful young duchess arrives, Eghan’s heart is conflicted. Should he give in to her charms, or is she part of the schemes that will destroy the Kingdom of Lhin? Will Eghan ever see Nara again? Will he survive the prophecy of fire and smoke?

Journey to a New Beginning

Hiding among a band of nomadic people, Eghan wonders if God has abandoned him. His past foolishness haunts him and memories of Nara will not let him rest. Forced to read to the gypsy leader from his copy of The Book, a flicker of Eghan’s faith is restored. But can he dare believe that God still has a plan for his life? Will he ever see Nara again? What kind of future could he have, a maimed vagabond king with no kingdom?


A Standalone dystopic fantasy – great for boys in middle-grades and up –

Fredrik’s Choice

A despised son, a culture of fear and violence;
The Book that will change it all.

Thirteen-year-old Fredrik has just made a choice that will change his life and the lives of everyone he knows. Rather than fight, possibly to the death, he chooses the Second Rite. He must leave the compound where he has lived all his life, enter the ruins of a dead city and bring back an artifact. If he returns without it, he will be killed.

Fredrik finds a book, the Holy Book of God, but he has been taught that God is the source of all their misery. Dare he believe what this ancient book tells him? Is keeping it safe worth losing everything? Can he really complete the task for which he has been chosen?

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Spur of the MomFront cover JPGent

~ Endorsed by Mark Buchanan, Janette Oke and Phil Callaway!

~ “Whether Laycock was standing on the shore of Lake Superior, rafting down the Yukon River or exploring caves in Papua New Guinea, she listened for the voice of God.” – Sheila Webster

~ Ebook and Paperback available from Amazon

~ To order email Marcia at


CoverCelebrate this Day

All days are special but there are some occasions on which we choose to celebrate the goodness of God in a deeper way.  Marcia Laycock helps us do that with devotionals designed for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day and many others.

~ Ebook and Paperback available from Amazon

Mark Weber of the Red Deer Express has said: “There’s something uniquely comforting and uplifting about Marcia’s approach. She doesn’t avoid heavy topics, and her insight consistently points out deeper meanings springing from life’s often trying circumstances. But even the ordinary moments offer lessons.”

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A Traveler’s Advisory

FrontA recent review:

A Traveler’s Advisory is a collection of fifty-two warm, encouraging anecdotes with spiritual messages and faith-based applications, one for each week of the year.  In this collection of devotional stories, Marcia shares some of the fascinating lessons she has learned over the course of her life, which have included many travels to places as diverse as the Yukon and Papua New Guinea. She records the vignettes in a simple, easy-to-understand manner so the reader can identify with the thoughts and feelings, the sights and sounds of the author’s experience. A great little book to tuck into a purse or pack for your next traveling adventure.

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