Write Devotionals of Distinction

Devotionals of Distinction is a FREE workshop offered twice a year, followed by a five week course. Both are taught by Marcia Lee Laycock, an award-winning author and speaker. Marcia has four devotional books in print as well as over 1,000 pieces published in magazines, anthologies and online.

The goal of the course is to help you write devotionals that will stir the hearts of your readers and draw them closer to Christ. Many of Marcia’s students have gone on to publish their devotionals and many have won awards for their work.

The Free Workshop:

An hour or so of teaching on the various skills needed to write a devotional that will stir the hearts of your readers. Then, take the five week course to practice what I have preached.

Contents of the course (hosted on The Book Hatchery):

Five Modules that will:

*Give you time to practice the five skills mentioned in the workshop: Literary Devices, Show Don’t Tell, Avoiding Rabbit Trails, Metaphor and Similes, Beginnings and Endings.

*Give you one on one coaching through critiquing of each assignment.

*Give you ongoing access to the workshop video, for review during the course.

*Give you access to a short video at the beginning of each module (hosted on The Book Hatchery).

*Give you a student workbook you can follow as you go, which expands upon the concepts in the workshop, giving examples to illustrate each skill.

* Give you a live student reading time where you will have an opportunity to share your work. (This will probably be on Facebook or Zoom).

* Give you the Possibility of publication in an anthology.

What you will need:

*Internet access and a computer or laptop with MS Word installed.

*Time – to watch the videos, read the workbook and do the homework (the time that takes is according to each individual’s pace but approximately 1 to 2 hours per week).

*A willing heart – to hear from God and to accept constructive criticism.

Watch this space for the date of the next FREE Workshop and Course to follow.