Easter – Joy upon Joy

Easter Stories and More marks the eighteenth anthology in which my work has been published. It’s always such a joy to be part of a group effort, especially when you respect the work of the other authors in the collection. It’s always such an honour to be counted with them in a collection that you know will inspire and strengthen faith.

This one is especially dear to my heart because Easter is dear to my heart. What could be more exhilarating than celebrating the triumph of good over evil, the restoration of mankind to its God and, on a more personal level, the joy of resting in the assurance of one’s own salvation?

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the two monologues written in first person: The End of a Pilgrimage, which was written for Inscribe’s blog and Torn, written in response to the call for submissions for this anthology. Putting yourself in the place of a Biblical character brings the story of the life of Christ into a sharp perspective and causes you to dig deeper into the scriptures to discover more of the truths lying buried there.

The poem I submitted to Easter Stories and More, Easter Walk, was inspired by a stone I picked up as I was walking one spring day a few years ago. The stone was scored with two dark lines – one vertical, one horizontal. I wondered what had made the marks and as I walked my thumb traced the lines, my mind pondering again the mystery of the death and resurrection of our Lord and all that it meant to me.

It left me with a renewed sense of peace and thankfulness for His sacrifice and for the sacrifice His father made, in sending His only son to rescue such a ‘motley crew’ of humanity. It also left me rejoicing that Easter is my victory too, because He included me in it, called me into His family and secured my life with His death.

I hope you too are able to rejoice in that victory.

“O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” (1 Corinthians 15:55, NASB).


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Gifts of Good Words: Christmas Books !

Christmas is for reading right? And don’t we all love to get a little book stuffed into our stocking? That’s why I created these two little books:

Christmas, a collection of short stories that will take you from the far reaches of the galaxy to the edge of the Arctic Circle and the streets of the inner city. The miracle of Christmas is transported from one unusual setting to another and into your heart as you read.

And …

Love in the Room, a collection of devotionals. Love is always in the room with us at Christmas time. These short but timely reflections will stir your heart with a new, clear perspective on the perfect Saviour who came as a babe so long ago. From the child-like delight of a Christmas flash mob to avoiding “too much” Christmas, award-winning author and speaker, Marcia Lee Laycock gives fresh insight into our most beloved season.

Both books can be purchased directly
from me for $15.00 including postage, by emailing vinemarc@telus.net

or from Amazon –

Love in the Room ; Christmas

What readers have said:

About Christmas:

“If you’re looking for a collection of stories to inspire and understand the Christmas spirit, look no further. The author skillfully presents characters in a wide range of circumstances, so that you feel you’re right there with them. You feel their anxiety, their pain and their joyful answer to a burning question. If there’s anything I might have wanted, it would be more of her stories.”

Each story is a delightful read. The characters are believable and the story lines engaging. A refreshing read that does “stir the Christmas spirit.”

About Love in the Room:

“I love Marcia’s winsome style. Her carefully woven stories are proof that great truth is taught in simple ways.”

“The spirit of Christmas is indeed alive in these devotionals. Savour each one in the days leading up to the 25th. Or give it as a gift to be enjoyed in the days after and at any time of the year.”

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Writers’ Process Blog Tour


Thanks for following from Carolyne Aarsen’s blog.

1. Who are you?

Laycock-MarciaMy name is Marcia Lee Laycock. I am a pastor’s wife and mother of three adult daughters who are all beautiful like their father and talented like their mother. 🙂 I am also the caregiver to two golden retrievers who mostly lie around all day. Oh and a writer/author/novelist/poet/journalist and devotional writer, not necessarily in that order. Above all I am a child of Christ, born somewhere on the road to Mayo, Yukon in 1982. That day changed my life forever.



2. What are you working on?

At the moment I’m doing a final edit on the second book of a fantasy series, The Ambassadors, which has been releasing in volumes on Amazon as ebooks. The entire first book will release on August 27th and the first volume of Book Two will release on Sept. 4th. I am also writing the third book and doing a course in playwriting with Lucia Frangione, which I am enjoying very much.


3. How does your work differ from others of its genre?

My first two novels were contemporary fiction. They both have strong elements of suspense and a touch of romance. I’d say they differ from others in that they are, to quote Mark Buchanan, who has endorsed my work, “grimly real but deeply hopeful.”


4. Why do you write what you do?

I can’t not write. I have been doing it since I was very young – my mother used to say she thought I was born with a pencil in my hand because I was always “scribbling something or other.” I have been blessed to have many wonderful teachers and encourager along my journey and really can’t imagine doing anything else as my life’s career. Specifically, I write fiction because I believe that story is important to us all. It keeps us tied together and it keeps us moving forward. My first two novels began with a conversation I had with a woman from a pregnancy care centre. She asked me a question that just wouldn’t go away until I tried to answer it on the pages of those books. I write devotional material because I seem to continually see things in my life and in things/people around me that point to the grace and mercy of Jesus. When I see it I can’t not write it down.


5. How does your writing process work?

I am a “seat-of –the-pants writer. I don’t outline until I get into the thick of the story, then I might stop and do a bit of a timeline and sketchy outline. I love that process because it keeps me on the edge of my seat, wondering what’s going to happen. I figure if I’m there my readers will be too, and that keeps them reading. Right now, because I am working on more than one project at once, I do have to try and schedule my time well, setting out time to work on each one. I write mostly in the mornings but sometimes I will find myself at the computer for a good portion of the day. Those are good days.

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