River Ice

I love the Old Testament. The history of the Hebrew people is fascinating. The history of how God provided for them, sustained them and brought them to the place where He wanted them, is awe inspiring. The book of 2 Samuel, verses 17-20 is a perfect example. David has just taken the city of Jerusalem. The Philistines are massing for attack. Picture them as a formidable wall of enemies spread out across the valley. In the face of this, I would have been tempted to just attack. The enemy was obvious, David knew He was the anointed King and had God’s blessing. But he did not rush off to the attack. First, he prayed and asked God what he should do.

God answered and the enemy was defeated.

David said, “as waters break out, the Lord has broken out against my enemies before me.” (2Sam.5:20).

The word used for break out means to breach like water in flood. If you have ever experienced a flood you will know the power that David witnessed. I remember clearly the day I witnessed that force of nature.

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