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It’s Canadian Thanksgiving and in honour of that day I’m offering a discount on The Writier’s Rocket Workshop.

Are you still struggling to get your book written?

Have you researched publishing options just to be more confused than ever?

Do you wish you had a clear, structured blueprint to be a successful author?

Then I’ve got the PERFECT solution for you!

Introducing… My 6-Week Writer’s Rocket Workshop!

This Workshop will give you the solid structure and support you need to finally get your book written! (Yay!) It will help you stay focused on your project so not only can you finally get it done, but you can apply the tricks and techniques you’ll learn to every book you want to publish. And it will clarify all those confusing publishing options once and for all so you can decide which one is right for you!

Here’s what you’ll get:

Week 1: Procrastination

In Week one we’ll tackle the #1 thing standing in your way to getting your book done… procrastination!

  • Fun exercises designed to help you set realistic goals and give you procrastination-busting strategies you can apply to any
  • The cure for “I’m not good enough” syndrome (that plagues thousands of really great authors).
  • Worksheets to make it easy for you to take action…
  • And more!

Week 2: Focus

Once you put into practice those procrastination-busting strategies from Week 1, now you’ll be able to focus on your chosen project. Not sure which one to focus on first? No problem… I’ve got you covered!

  • Determine exactly what makes you lose focus, so you can recognize it before you’ve lost hours of your life.
  • Know what losing focus is costing you… so you can make more informed, clearer decisions.
  • Identify your focus for which project you should work on next… in 2 easy steps! (This works for ALL your projects, no matter how many you have in the works!)
  • Bonus outlines for BOTH fiction AND non-fiction to help you easily create your characters, set scenes, determine problems and solutions, set sellable topics for your book… And more!
  • Worksheets to help you develop your book’s outline.
  • And much more!

Week 3: Envision

It’s been proven that the ability to see a project completed makes it much easier for you to actually do it… so time for you to “see” your book in your hands!

  • Discover why you constantly beat yourself down for not being further along (or any other issue)… and conquer it so you can finish your book!
  • Create a timeline for your book that you can live with… and one that if adhered to guarantees you’ll get it DONE.
  • Take your ideas from the ethereal space of your brain into more physical form.
  • Worksheets to plan out your book’s cover, interior, endorsements, deadlines…
  • And more!

Week 4: Confidence & Warm-Ups

More than just warming up… This is a big action week!

  • Learn practical ways to get and stay clear-headed and energized, even if you’re tired and haven’t gotten your writing time in yet.
  • How to find the time and space to get your book done.
  • Clear step-by-step instructions and Worksheets to help you get your book written as fast as possible.
  • Rinse-and-repeat formulas you can apply to every chapter of your book… and your next… and your next…
  • And much more!

Week 5: Book Assembly

Almost all books follow some sort of standard structure your readers are already familiar with. This week is all about structuring your book so your readers enjoy the experience and tell others about it!

  • Discover exactly all the parts you need (or may want) to include inside your book.
  • What goes where… for maximum positive reader experience.
  • Real-world Table of Contents samples.
  • A complete list of resources you can include in the back of your book to enhance its value.
  • Take the guesswork out of how to put your book together.
  • A bonus writing trick designed to help you easily finish every chapter…
  • Worksheets to make determining the structure of your book easy and painless.
  • And more!

Week 6: Types of Publishing

I admit, publishing can be confusing! An Internet search will give you hundreds of conflicting viewpoints. In this week you’ll finally learn the pros, cons, and step-by-steps necessary for the publishing option that’s right for you and your unique goals!

  • Get clear direction for your publishing goals so you can match the right publishing option to your book.
  • Make an educated decision about the 3 best publishing options available to authors today.
  • Step-by-step exactly what to do to pursue each publishing option.
  • Take the guesswork and confusion out of your publishing choices.
  • And more!

This complete 6-Week Writer’s Rocket Workshop is THE blueprint you need for publishing success! Join me in this fun adventure and watch YOUR authorship dreams come true!


For this next week only, enroll using the link below and I will send you a refund of $22.00 Cdn. funds.

That means you’ll get the full six-week course for only $75.00 Cdn. Funds!


But you must enroll by midnight on Friday Oct. 18th

Launch your writing dreams into orbit!

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As a special thank you for signing up, I’m offering a celebratory bonus when you have finished the course. Just email me to let me know you’ve completed the modules and I will do a FREE edit of the first chapter of your book.

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